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RE: [Xen-devel] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request - balloon_init - xen-4.1.0 -

(Jeremy cc'ed, see below)

> > 4) The latest upstream balloon driver does some magic with the E820
> > memory map.  Perhaps your machine has an odd or incorrect E820 map
> > from the BIOS?  (This is outside of my area of expertise so apologies
> > if this doesn't make sense.)
>       I suppose it could be odd.  The machine is about 8 years old.
> I'd
> imagine that they were doing things a bit differently back then.

Hi Scott --

Since you are using dom0_mem, there really should be no reason
why the balloon driver needs to get initialized.  For the
balloon driver to work properly, it needs a correct E820
map and there have been recent upstream changes in the balloon
driver involving E820.  If we assume that your E820 map is
indeed broken, the easiest fix for your machine might be just
to modify balloon_init in dom0 to immediately fail (and
return -ENODEV).

Jeremy, I wonder if Scott is experiencing a side-effect of
this change?


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