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[Xen-devel] XCP: ha options: available? not? alternatives?

Hi all, I have been getting conflicting information for a couple of weeks now. I would really like to get a definitive answer from a developer as to whether or not the ha component/s from XenServer has been ported to XCP 1.0.
If not, has anything else been implemented in the base system for this?
I see that the params are available: pool-ha-enable, ha_restart_priority, ha_always_run, etc. Do these actually do anything?
To set up a whole cluster just to test this is going to take me some time and some steep learning since so much of this doesn't seem to be documented and is all CLI. It would be really a time saver for me to a least have an idea of what's going to be involved, what's really there, what's not, before I start.
Much Thanks!
- p
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