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[Xen-devel] Unable to create Linux DomU PV with Libxenlight (xl) on NetBSD Dom0 with Xen 4.1.1


Under NetBSD with Xen 4.1.1 I'm unable to create a DomU PV using xl,
but xl works fine creating HVM domains. Here's the output from xl -v
create <domu>:

Parsing config file /etc/xen/one
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_allocate: cmdline="root=/dev/xvda2 ro
root=/dev/xvda2 ro ", features="(null)"
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_kernel_mem: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_ramdisk_mem: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_boot_xen_init: ver 4.1, caps
xen-3.0-x86_64 xen-3.0-x86_32p hvm-3.0-x86_32 hvm-3.0-x86_32p
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_parse_image: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_find_loader: trying ELF-generic loader ...
domainbuilder: detail: loader probe failed
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_find_loader: trying Linux bzImage loader ...
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_malloc            : 5023 kB
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_do_gunzip: unzip ok, 0x248392 -> 0x4e7f48
domainbuilder: detail: loader probe OK
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: phdr: paddr=0x1000000 memsz=0x381000
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: phdr: paddr=0x1381000 memsz=0x2cc000
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: memory: 0x1000000 -> 0x164d000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: GUEST_OS = "linux"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: GUEST_VERSION = "2.6"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: XEN_VERSION = "xen-3.0"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: VIRT_BASE = 0xc0000000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: ENTRY = 0xc13fb000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: HYPERCALL_PAGE = 0xc1002000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: FEATURES =
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: PAE_MODE = "yes"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: LOADER = "generic"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: unknown xen elf note (0xd)
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: SUSPEND_CANCEL = 0x1
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: HV_START_LOW = 0xf5800000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: PADDR_OFFSET = 0x0
xc: detail: elf_xen_addr_calc_check: addresses:
xc: detail:     virt_base        = 0xc0000000
xc: detail:     elf_paddr_offset = 0x0
xc: detail:     virt_offset      = 0xc0000000
xc: detail:     virt_kstart      = 0xc1000000
xc: detail:     virt_kend        = 0xc164d000
xc: detail:     virt_entry       = 0xc13fb000
xc: detail:     p2m_base         = 0xffffffffffffffff
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_parse_elf_kernel: xen-3.0-x86_32p:
0xc1000000 -> 0xc164d000
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_mem_init: mem 1024 MB, pages 0x40000
pages, 4k each
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_mem_init: 0x40000 pages
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_boot_mem_init: called
domainbuilder: detail: x86_compat: guest xen-3.0-x86_32p, address size 32
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_malloc            : 2048 kB
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_build_image: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_segment:   kernel       :
0xc1000000 -> 0xc164d000  (pfn 0x1000 + 0x64d pages)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_pfn_to_ptr: domU mapping: pfn
0x1000+0x64d at 0x7f7ff36b3000
xc: detail: elf_load_binary: phdr 0 at 0x0x7f7ff36b3000 -> 0x0x7f7ff3a34000
xc: detail: elf_load_binary: phdr 1 at 0x0x7f7ff3a34000 -> 0x0x7f7ff3b17000
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_segment:   ramdisk      :
0xc164d000 -> 0xc2a35000  (pfn 0x164d + 0x13e8 pages)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_malloc            : 119 kB
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type: hvm-3.0-x86_32
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type:
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type: hvm-3.0-x86_64
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_update_guest_p2m: dst 32bit, pages 0x40000
domainbuilder: detail: clear_page: pfn 0x2b37, mfn 0x261c95
domainbuilder: detail: clear_page: pfn 0x2b36, mfn 0x261c96
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_pfn_to_ptr: domU mapping: pfn 0x2b35+0x1
at 0x7f7ff7ece000
domainbuilder: detail: start_info_x86_32: called
domainbuilder: detail: setup_hypercall_page: vaddr=0xc1002000 pfn=0x1002
domainbuilder: detail: domain builder memory footprint
domainbuilder: detail:    allocated
domainbuilder: detail:       malloc             : 7238 kB
domainbuilder: detail:       anon mmap          : 0 bytes
domainbuilder: detail:    mapped
domainbuilder: detail:       file mmap          : 0 bytes
domainbuilder: detail:       domU mmap          : 27960 kB
domainbuilder: detail: arch_setup_bootlate: shared_info: pfn 0x0, mfn 0xcccf3
domainbuilder: detail: shared_info_x86_32: called
domainbuilder: detail: vcpu_x86_32: called
domainbuilder: detail: vcpu_x86_32: cr3: pfn 0x2b38 mfn 0x261c94
domainbuilder: detail: launch_vm: called, ctxt=0x7f7fffffd1a0
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_release: called
Daemon running with PID 1047

It seems like the domain has been created ok, but when I try to
connect to it with xl -v console <domu> or xm console <domu> I get the
following error:

xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory

Also the DomU seem to be using an unexpected amount of CPU Time, and
CPU usage is always at 100%. The config file for the domain is (wich
works with the old xm):

bootloader = '/usr/pkg/bin/pygrub'

vcpus       = '1'
memory      = '1024'

root        = '/dev/xvda2 ro'
disk        = [

name        = 'one'
vif         = [ 'mac=00:16:3E:9C:F2:5E, bridge=bridge1' ]

on_poweroff = 'destroy'
on_reboot   = 'restart'
on_crash    = 'restart'

I've enabled xenstored debug, but it doesn't seem to be of any help:

Failed to read /local/domain/0/backend/console/6/0/script (No such
file or directory)
Failed to read /local/domain/0/device-model/6/script (No such file or directory)

As a side note, if I start the DomU with xm, I can connect to it
afterwards using xl console <domu>. And finally my xm info:

host                   : odin
release                : 5.99.52
version                : NetBSD 5.99.52 (XEN3_DOM0) #0: Wed Jun 22
15:02:28 CEST 2011
machine                : amd64
nr_cpus                : 4
nr_nodes               : 1
cores_per_socket       : 4
threads_per_core       : 1
cpu_mhz                : 2128
hw_caps                :
virt_caps              : hvm hvm_directio
total_memory           : 16371
free_memory            : 13075
free_cpus              : 0
xen_major              : 4
xen_minor              : 1
xen_extra              : .1
xen_caps               : xen-3.0-x86_64 xen-3.0-x86_32p hvm-3.0-x86_32
hvm-3.0-x86_32p hvm-3.0-x86_64
xen_scheduler          : credit
xen_pagesize           : 4096
platform_params        : virt_start=0xffff800000000000
xen_changeset          : unavailable
xen_commandline        : dom0_mem=512M dom0_max_vcpus=1 dom0_vcpus_pin
console=com1 com1=115200,8n1
cc_compiler            : gcc version 4.1.3 20080704 prerelease (NetBSD
nb2 20081120)
cc_compile_by          : root
cc_compile_domain      :
cc_compile_date        : Wed Jun 22 11:36:28 CEST 2011
xend_config_format     : 4

Thanks and regards, Roger.

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