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[Xen-devel] Xen PV audio XenStore

Hello everyone, as some of you may remember there is a GSoC project
this year to implement a paravirtualized audio driver and I am the
student undertaking this effort.

As the rest of the PV audio drivers, my frontend uses XenStore to pass
the event channel & grant reference to the backend, along with a few
configuration data. Although the driver is far from usable, the
XenStore layout is not going to change much in the future, so I think
it would be useful to describe it to the community.

First of all, although the frontend is implemented in userspace, I
tried to follow the scheme used by the rest of the PV drivers. This
looks something like:


where devID is a unique device ID for the guest system.

Accordingly the backend will use something like:


which will likely be a way for the backend to advertise the
capabilities of the sound hardware to the guests and perhaps pass a
few other parameters.
This looked like the simplest way to go. Of course I'm only new here
and I might be missing something grave, so please let me know what you

George Boutsioukis

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