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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 3] Patches for PCI serial cards (v1).


I've been carrying these patches for some time and with Andrew's work on the 
it seems like a perfect time to provide them (as they save the BDF of the PCI
serial card and could be extended to provide that)

The first one is actually from XCP product and I think I got the right author
name for it - if not please correct me.

The other three patches are rebased patches that I've received from 
(www.virtualcomputer.com). They seem to find lot of issues on laptops/desktops 
and have been
using PCI express serial cards, MiniPCI-e serial cards, etc to get the serial 
to troubleshoot. And as such found some issues after a S3 resume which these 
patches fix.

Please take a look.

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