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[Xen-devel] Re: Problem with Xen 4.1 on Ubuntu 11.10 ( Oneiric Ocelot) (HVM DomUs crash)

On Tue, 19 Jul 2011, Boris Derzhavets wrote:
> Alpha 2 already has Xen 4.1 packaged and ready for testing.
> It appears to be known bug that HVMÂ DomUs crash at Xen 4.1 Dom0 with 
> different "pvops''
> kernels ( in particular 3.0.0-5-generic Ubuntu) , but not only on Ubuntu .
> Here is report for Fedora 15 :
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/xen/users/213049?nohighlight=1#213049
> Ubuntu developers are pretty sure that Xen Host will be built with no 
> problems.
> Would it be possible to issue a patch for Xen 4.1 to fix the problem ?
> Actually two distros are affected Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 11.10 ( maybe Debian 
> - here
> i am not sure )

First we need to understand what the problem is. I wasn't aware of this
issue before you started a thread yesterday and nothing meaningful
appears in any of the logs posted.

Now I am trying to reproduce the problem but so far I didn't have any
luck: I am testing with the same kernel config and VM config you use
with plain Linux 3.0.0 rc7, I tried both xen 4.1.0 and xen 4.1.1 but I
still can start hvm guests with no troubles.

However all my tests are on Debian 6.0.1, I am downloading alpha 2 to
see if I can reproduce the bug there.
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