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Re: [Xen-devel] hanging tapdisk2 processes and improper udev rules

My expertise with C is barely existant, but i took a look at

and changed your
libxl__device_destroy_tapdisk(gc, be_path);
libxl__device_destroy_tapdisk(&gc, be_path);

as i have seen some&gc on other lines of code.

That looks right. I think this is just a difference between current
xen-unstable and xen-4.1 (due to 23045:c426a7140c99 FWIW).
What do you mean looks right, the compilation errors or my shot-in-the-dark adjustment?

Uh. That really shouldn't happen :-/ In fact baring a bug in the host OS
itself I'm not sure how ps can ever get into that state...
I had this happen before on two occasions (one of them using xm to create a guest, whereas xl worked fine) and SÃbastien Riccio wrote in this thread, that he encountered it too.
If this one returns during "normal operation", ill write some more.

It's possible that it relies on something in xen-unstable that I'm not
aware of. Would it be possible for you to try and repro this issue with
xen-unstable.hg and this patch?
Yes, i can and will do that.
Probably later this evening (4PM here now), but definitely this weekend.
I will reply to this thread with the results.

Andreas Olsowski
Leuphana UniversitÃt LÃneburg
Rechen- und Medienzentrum
ScharnhorststraÃe 1, C7.015
21335 LÃneburg

Tel: ++49 4131 677 1309

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