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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 20 of 20] n2 MSR handling and capability exposure

Tim, just to be complete, I tested them against cs23728. the lastest change set cs23749 fails to boot at my system, it hangs at the hpet.

Thank you for cooperation. If you need any further testing done with this nestedhvm just let me know. I can image you want some performance testing and improvments are necessary.


Op 26-7-2011 17:48, Tim Deegan schreef:
At 17:25 +0200 on 26 Jul (1311701111), Jeroen Groenewegen van der Weyden wrote:
Tim! everyhting seems to work now. domu is working ok, all 4 nested
kvm guests are running.
Excellent.  Thank you for the testing.  I'll check those changes in.

only dmesg seems te complain about something
(XEN) vvmx.c:1205:d2 vmclear gpa 1920de000 != 000000018c829000
That's OK; those are benign and I'll remove them.



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