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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH 0/5] Collected vdso/vsyscall fixes for 3.1

> >> $ test_vsyscall test
> >> Testing gettimeofday...
> >>   vDSO offset = 0.000001s
> >>   vsyscall offset = 0.000001s
> >>
> >> Testing time...
> >>   vDSO offset = 0
> >>   vsyscall offset = 0
> >> Testing getcpu...
> >>   ok!  cpu=6 node=0

> I bet if you pull a new copy or remove -mavx from Makefile it will
> work.  I got a grossly hacked-up Xen domU booted and everything seems
> to work.

It did. Both Dom0 and DomU work on AMD and Intel.

In regards to the last pv-ops patch - is there no better way? The reason I am 
is the pv-ops hook is just a bandaid for the problem. Is the Xen syscall 
suppose to
be doingsomething extra with the stack perhaps?

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