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[Xen-devel] xl miss the logic of memory allocation on NUMA platform

Hi Stefano
In our recently experience, we found xl doesn't have the memory allocation 
logic on NUMA platform. It will allocate the memory from every node when 
creating guest:
(XEN) Domain 4 (total: 261112):
(XEN)     Node 0: 64894
(XEN)     Node 1: 65406
(XEN)     Node 2: 65406
(XEN)     Node 3: 65406

For xm, it will allocate the memory on the node where the guest cpu reside:
1348 (XEN) Domain 3 (total: 263160):
1349 (XEN)     Node 0: 0
1350 (XEN)     Node 1: 0
1351 (XEN)     Node 2: 0
1352 (XEN)     Node 3: 263160

Is there a plan to add this logic to xl?

best regards

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