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[Xen-devel] ahci errors with xen 4.1.1, linux 3.0, virtualbox


when booting xen 4.1.1, vanilla linux 3.0 (+ vga patch, all 64bit)
inside a virtualbox with 4 CPUs (virtualbox 4.1, my host has 2 cores, 2
threads each), the virtual machine has serious AHCI problems during
boot. Sometimes up to the point, that it doesn't boot at all. However,
usually after a few errors everything works fine.

I tried clocksource=xen, but it didn't improve the behaviour.
When reducing the number of CPUs seems to decreases the likelyhood of
AHCI errors (well, this is my experience so far).

Any ideas, what might be the cause of this?
You find a tgz with dmesg, xm dmesg, etc.

The errors also happened with konrad's 2.6.39 kernel.
The errors never happen with the good old 2.6.18.


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