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[Xen-devel] Some problem with xenstore

Hello All,

I am having some trouble with xenstore, so any ideas to solve this
"small" problem will be greatly appreciated.

Right now the rings for xenbus connections is created but whenever I
send anything to xenstore (XS_READ, XS_WRITE, XS_GET_PERMS or
XS_DIRECTORY) the response is 22 if I do a XS_DEBUG I get a 13. On the
xenstore trace log I get for example:
IN 0x1f53050 20110801 21:15:25 GET_PERMS (/local/domain/0)
OUT 0x1f53050 20110801 21:15:25 ERROR (EINVAL )
IN 0x1f53050 20110801 21:15:25 DEBUG (/local/domain/0)
OUT 0x1f53050 20110801 21:15:25 ERROR (EACCES )
The address for the rings is correct and the response code corresponds
to the error number.

The connection works the same way as in hvmloader xenbus.c

The relevant code is like this:
char *test = "/local/domain/0";   //path to query
char * replay_data = malloc_high(1024); //buffer for response
replay_data[1023] = '\0'; //sanity check
int replay_len = 0; //no response yet
ret = xenbus_send(XS_DIRECTORY,strlen(test),test,&replay_len,&replay_data);

After the xenbus_send the replay_data buffer is empty.

Any ideas?

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