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Re: [Xen-users] Re: [Xen-devel] Updating Xen 4.1.x xmexamples files (vfb line required for HVM guests)

> Thus, there is only one other person I know benefited from that advice -     
> bderzhavets. However, I'll repeat the list of other threads in Xen-users of 
> people with hvm problems:

No i didn't. There was long thread regarding GCC 4.6 problem when
building "hvmloader" ( F15, U 11.10 both has 4.6)

1. Stefano noticed that problem was GCC 4.6 when building "hvmloader"
2. Official fix was in the same thread
Been back ported to 4.1.1 is resolves the issue.

There is build (PPA on Oneiric) and i believe xen-4.1.1-(X).fc16.src.rpm
already has this patch as well. Pasi knows it better. 
Regarding Ubuntu 11.10 :-


Ok - thanx for letting us know. I'm a little surprised at fedora - they are 
usually very good at back-porting stuff.

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