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Re: [Xen-devel] PPC makefile

On Tue, Aug 02, 2011 at 10:20:19AM +0100, Gustavo Pimentel wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I notice that xen does not support since 2008 PowerPC architecture
>    anymore. That's true? Can you recommend someone that could help me porting
>    and compile xen to PowerPC architecture? More specific a MPC8379
>    PowerQUICC II Pro 32-Bit @ 800MHz.

Yep, PPC support was removed from Xen trees since it was not actively developed 

Info about Xen PPC:

Xen PPC presentation from XenSummit 2007:

Feel free to continue the Xen PPC development work. I think there's quite a bit 
of work still left to do.

I think you need to get the Xen 3.2 tree (which still has the PPC patches),
and port them to current xen-unstable first and continue from there.

-- Pasi

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