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[Xen-devel] Pinning a DomU Guest data page from Hypervisor


I have a DomU Guest (PVHVM) running a customized PV network driver. To increase the network IO performance I would like to try providing the address of the Guest pages directly to the network device without involving dom0.
For this i need to convert the GMFN of the page to MFN in hypervisor and pin the page. I could map the device BAR to hypervisor and write the Guest addresses to device. But I couldn't get how to Pin the Guest pages. 

I looked into code "xen/arch/x86/mm.c", do_mmuext_op() which was invoking xsm_memory_pin_page() only for L1 to L4 page table type pages. Can i use the same API to pin data pages?

Could anybody please advice how can I pin a Guest data page from hypervisor. Any APIs or sequence of operations to be done on MFN of the guest page?

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