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Re: [Xen-devel] Debugging a weird hardware fault.

>>> Andrew Cooper 08/02/11 5:01 PM >>> 
>It seems that Xen spends a fair amount of time doing freeze_domains 
>(even though dom0 has already shut down all domUs, albeit forcibly if 
>they haven't shut down nicely within 15 seconds), and bringing down the 
>other CPUs (in particular, it spends ages fiddling around with irq 

Is that independent of using a serial console? That is, are the delays
perhaps incurred just by that code being overly verbose? One of the
odd things I had noticed now and then is that during shutdown, various
IRQs get fixed up more than once (up to once per CPU brought down).
There surely are ways to have them moved to CPU0 directly in the
shutdown case.


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