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[Xen-devel] Kernel 3.0 crashes 4.2 unstable on some hardware


I have successfully set up a xen-unstable machine with kernel 3.0, on an old core2duo - running win2008 in hvm works 100%. When trying on a new i5 machine though, the same kernel reboots the machine immediately after xen starts up dom0.

It appears to be during the stage of graphics/framebuffer initialisation but the serial console does not show any details. I have tried nomodeset with no changes.

What would the xen-gurus need from me to debug this in more detail? The machine (same xen 4.2) boots fine with the 2.6.32.xendom0 kernel. I was expecting at least an exception, core dump or freeze, but this reboot is quite strange and very hard to debug.


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