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[Xen-devel] xl is unable to find xenstored.pid

I just downloaded Xen-4.1.1 from xen.org, compiled it, and installed it.
I then compiled kernel 3.0.0 and added the hypervisor and dom0 kernel in
a grub 2 entry.  After booting, I executed "xl list," to confirm the
hypervisor was running.  I was greeted with this message:

libxl: error: libxl.c:56:libxl_ctx_init Is xenstore daemon running?
failed to stat /var/run/xenstored.pid: No such file or directory
cannot init xl context

I poked around and found there is a folder within /var/run called
"xenstored" and I found there was no service called xenstored
in /etc/init.d.  There are the services I found in init.d:


After extracting the xen source here are the commands I used to compile:

make xen
make tools
make stubdom
make install-xen
make install-tools
make install-stubdom

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