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[Xen-devel] xapi compile error. File "v6rpc.ml"


I try to compile xapi and failed:

omake phase1
*** omake: reading OMakefiles
*** omake: finished reading OMakefiles (0.47 sec)
*** omake: done (0.78 sec, 0/38 scans, 1/108 rules, 1/457 digests)
omake phase2
*** omake: reading OMakefiles
*** omake: finished reading OMakefiles (0.45 sec)
- scan ocaml/license scan-ocaml-v6rpc.ml
+ ocamlfind ocamldep -syntax camlp4o -package xml-light2,stdext,stunnel,http-svr,log,rpc-light,rpc-light.syntax -native -I ../idl/ocaml_backend -I ../idl -I ../autogen -I ../xapi -I ../gpg -I ../util v6rpc.ml
File "v6rpc.ml", line 44, characters 0-3:
Parse error: "with_gen" expected after [module_type] (in [str_item])
Preprocessing error on file v6rpc.ml
*** omake: 244/407 targets are up to date
*** omake: failed (0.83 sec, 1/27 scans, 0/47 rules, 1/399 digests)
*** omake: targets were not rebuilt because of errors:
   <scanner ocaml/license/scan-ocaml-v6rpc.ml>
      depends on: ocaml/license/v6rpc.ml


module type V6api = sig
    (* edition -> additional_params -> enabled_features, additional_params *)
    val apply_edition : string -> (string * string) list ->
        string * Features.feature list * (string * string) list
    (* () -> list of editions (name, marketing name, short name) *)
    val get_editions : unit -> (string * string * string * int) list
    (* () -> result *)
    val get_version : unit -> string
    (* () -> version *)
    val reopen_logs : unit -> bool
44 end

46 module V6process = functor(V: V6api) -> struct

the line 44 is only an end.

$ocaml -vnum

$ocamlfind  list
bigarray            (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camldm              (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
camlp4              (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.exceptiontracer (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.extend       (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.foldgenerator (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.gramlib      (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.lib          (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.listcomprehension (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.locationstripper (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.macro        (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.mapgenerator (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.metagenerator (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.profiler     (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.quotations   (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.quotations.o (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.quotations.r (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
camlp4.tracer       (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
cdrom               (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
close-and-exec      (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
cpuid               (version: 0.0)
dbm                 (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
dynlink             (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
eventchn            (version: 0.0)
findlib             (version: 1.2.7)
graphics            (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
http-svr            (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
log                 (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
lvm                 (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
mmap                (version: 0.0)
netdev              (version: 0.0)
num                 (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
num-top             (version: 1.2.7)
num.core            (version: [internal])
ocamlbuild          (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
pciutil             (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
rpc-light           (version: 0.2)
rpc-light.core      (version: 0.1)
rpc-light.idl       (version: 0.1)
rpc-light.json      (version: 0.1)
rpc-light.syntax    (version: 0.1)
rpc-light.xml       (version: 0.1)
rss                 (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
sexpr               (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
stdext              (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
stdext.old          (version: 0.0)
stdlib              (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
str                 (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
stunnel             (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
tapctl              (version: 0.0)
threads             (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
threads.posix       (version: [internal])
threads.vm          (version: [internal])
type-conv           (version: 2.3.0)
udev                (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
unix                (version: [distributed with Ocaml])
uuid                (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
vhd                 (version: 1)
xapi-client         (version: 1.1.0)
xapi-datamodel      (version: 1.1.0)
xb                  (version: 0.0)
xc                  (version: 0.0)
xen-utils           (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
xml-light2          (version: 6bfbf9b18a742ae309c061447113250ece6179b0)
xmlm                (version: 1.0.2)
xs                  (version: 0.0)
xsrpc               (version: 0.0)

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