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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xenstored: allow guests to reintroduce themselves

I wrote:
> If the purpose of this is simply to allow the guest to discard all its
> watches, I think a new xenstore command is a better plan than this
> change.
> In particular, previously, only dom0 was allowed to use INTRODUCE.
> I'm not convinced that we have fully throught through the implications
> of allowing guests to do it under some circumstances, and I can see no
> reason for trying to think about those implications when allowing a
> guest to delete all its watches would be straightforward.

Also, whatever you do, the xenstore protocol is currently properly
documented (!) in docs/misc/xenstore.txt.

If you are making a protocol change your patch should modify the
protocol document to fully explain the new syntax and/or semantics, as


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