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[Xen-devel] movl VCPU_processor(%ebx),%eax in exits.S

In  the file \xen\arch\x86\hvm\svm\x86_32\exits.S
 this instruction  movl VCPU_processor(%ebx),%eax, I  found
OFFSET(VCPU_processor, struct vcpu, processor) in   asm-offsets.c,and so was DEFINE(IRQSTAT_shift, LOG_2(sizeof(irq_cpustat_t))); 
In my opinion,they means offset(vcpu,processor) and LOG_2(sizeof(irq_cpustat_t) , am i right?

        movl VCPU_processor(%ebx),%eax
        shl  $IRQSTAT_shift,%eax
        testl $~0,irq_stat(%eax,1)
        jnz  svm_process_softirqs
I did't find  irq_stat(,),and so I did't know what do the first three instructions mean.
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