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[Xen-devel] Re: Your Kernel 3.0 git and pci passthrough

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 05:16:48PM +0200, Oliver Linden wrote:
> Hello Konrad,
> I have a similar problem as described by Sander Eikelenboom on June 21st.

Argh. Please CC xen-devel on these type of emails.
> I compiled a kernel using your current xen.git on git.kernel.org. Even
> with your patch - tested by Sander - is applied I'm getting the message
> that pcistub doesn't own the pci device.
> Checking that via lspci shows that no of the excluded devices is bound
> to pciback.

And pciback is built in ("=y")?

> I tested the xen-pciback.hide as well as the pciback.hide parameter via
> the commandline.
> Is there any kernel 3 version available that supports pci-passthrough?

Well the #master which you are using , and the 3.1 that is in linus/master

> Any help is really appreciated.

Hm, let me double check, but I am not seeing the issues you guys are reporting.

> Kind regards
>     Oliver

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