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[Xen-devel] kernel BUG at drivers/xen/events.c:1466! whem migrating PVM guest xen4.2/2.6.32-jeremy

Hello again.

I have 3 servers, (1 Dell R710, 2 R610) that run the same software and almost identical hardware.
xen4.2 from xen-unstable.hg built yesterday dom0 kernel from jeremys git, built yesterday

Lets call the R610s "A" and "B" and the R710 is called "C".

I can create guests on A and B and migrate them to A B or C and back.
Basically everything works fine with one exception:
Migrating a paravirtualized guest, created on C, to A or B.

(migrating a hvm guest works.)

This is create on A, migrate to C and migrate back to A

This is create on C and fail to migrate to A

The difference between C and the other servers are:
Xeon E5520 2.27GHz CPU, not E5640 2.67GHz (R610)
LSI MegaRAID SAS 1078, not LSI MegaSAS 9260 (R610)

The kernels and xen.gz have been scp'ed to C from A, xen-unstable.hg patchlevel is identical.

This is probably not a guest issue as it applies to 2.6.39, 3.0.2 and in fact i first realized it when migrating a 2.6.32-33-generic ubuntu-lucid server.

Input would be very much appreciated.

with best regards

Andreas Olsowski
Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Rechen- und Medienzentrum
Scharnhorststraße 1, C7.015
21335 Lüneburg

Tel: ++49 4131 677 1309

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