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Re: [Xen-devel] HYBRID: PV in HVM container

On 08/09/2011 01:54 AM, Ian Campbell wrote:
> Also there are arguments to be made for HYBRID over PVHVM in terms of
> ease of manageability (i.e. a lot of folks like the dom0-supplied kernel
> idiom which PV enables), avoiding the need for a virtualised BIOS and
> emulated boot paths, HYBRID can potentially give a best of both in the
> trade off between standard-PV vs. HVM/PVHVM while also not needing a
> QEMU process for each guest (which helps scalability and so on) etc. I
> think HYBRID is worthwhile even if it is basically on-par with PVHVM for
> some workloads.

And it's amazing how much stuff goes away when you can set CONFIG_PCI=n...


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