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[Xen-devel] Re: xen-kernel and EDD

2011/8/19 Keir Fraser-5 [via Xen]
> > it seems that direct number is not very compatible .
> I was just suggesting a minimal patch for you to try.
yes, I understand, thanks so much!
it seems that this stack indeed overlap my EBDA area wrongly.
any arbitrary or fixed value for this stack will cause un-expect error.

from higher xen-4.1.0 :
 mov     $bootsym_phys(early_stack),%esp
call    cmdline_parse_early
I guess , the author want to setup stack after trampoline code, from
symbols , we can see early_stack value is same as trampoline_end(from
sles11, I think rhel5.7 should be same).
the key points are stack beginning address and its length can't
overlap BIOS conventional area, i.e. EBDA.

how can we think out the length of this stack ?  xen developer must
make sure the length can't overlap EBDA? how to make sure it by method
I suppose xen-kernel should pre-know EBDA 's beginning address
,because xen can know space reserved by e820 output.

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