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[Xen-devel] XAPI on debian and openxenmanager


While trying the lastest versions of xapi on debian I tried to connect it with openxenmanager. Seemed to work at first (it lists the server and I can see the storage repositories in the tree), but then it hangs on "synchronizing" and I can't do anything except killing openxenmanager.

Is it supposed to work or it's a surprise it can even connect ?

The log on the xen host side says:

[20110822T18:03:09.159Z|debug|xen-blade13|317 inet_rpc|session.login_with_password D:c666a9205a86|xapi] Successful local authentication user root from HTTP request from Internet with User-Agent: xmlrpclib.py/1.0.1 (by www.pythonware.com) [20110822T18:03:09.161Z| info|xen-blade13|317 inet_rpc|session.login_with_password D:c666a9205a86|xapi] Session.create trackid=c9d3b523b557e6117ea1d3a5064a28da pool=false uname=root is_local_superuser=true auth_user_sid= parent=trackid=9834f5af41c964e225f24279aefe4e49 [20110822T18:03:09.163Z|debug|xen-blade13|317 inet_rpc|session.login_with_password D:c666a9205a86|xapi] Attempting to open /var/xapi/xapi [20110822T18:03:09.166Z|debug|xen-blade13|318 unix-RPC||dummytaskhelper] task dispatch:session.get_uuid D:968e066a0b03 created by task D:c666a9205a86 [20110822T18:03:11.432Z|debug|xen-blade13|317 inet_rpc||http_critical] Connection terminated

See attached screenshot for the openxenmanager side.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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