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[Xen-devel] Re: xen-kernel and EDD

what a pity !

it seems that our modification :
1. Change BOOT_TRAMPOLINE to 0x7c000
2. In xen/arch/x86/boot/head.S, change the line 'mov $0x98000,%esp' to
'mov $0x80000,%esp'.
has make things worse ,
after this picture
 system no response again ,and then reset .
I no longer can see
- 1706-Smart Array Controller EBDA Memory Corrupted
  INT 13h BIOS Cannot Coninue - Sytem Halted

Again !
 I doubt , maybe xen-kernel has corrupted before “get_edd” due to our
this is indeed a gloomy day indeed!

Now , it seems that things get more complicated :
I think there are two factors will affect :
 - Ensure Stack can't overlap HP's P410i EBDA area
 - Ensure Brocade card's option rom code can't overwrite P410i EBDA.

I also did another experiment :for speaking exactly, I use
:5.7s_xen-kernel(0x98000 stack and 0x90000 for BOOT_TRAMPOLINE) and
modified-xen-kernel(0x80000 STACK and 0x7c000 for BOOT_TRAMPOLINE) .

a)enable Brocade card(two ports) , but disable its option rom code) .

 * 5.7s_xen-kernel can boot successfully(edd=on)
      from this point ,it seems that 0x98000 didn't overlap P410i EBDA. I just
disabled Brocade option rom.
 *  MODIFIED_xen-kernel can't boot successfully ,it also just print
 no "INT13
BIOS Cannot Continue - System Halted".
 and no response, and then system reset.


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