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[Xen-devel] XEN increases idle power consumption by 25%


I'm seeing a change in AC idle power consumption from ~23W to ~29W
when changing form 3.1-rc2 to 3.1-rc2 on top of xen-4.2-unstable  with no domUs running.

It seems that the CPU never gets into the low power idle state for the whole CPU-package 'PC6'
and the Vcore voltage never gets below +1.06 V (It get down to 0.7V w/o xen).

(XEN) 'c' pressed -> printing ACPI Cx structures
(XEN) ==cpu0==
(XEN) active state:             C-1                                                                                                      

What does the state 'C-1' mean?

Used hardware:
Board: Intel DQ67SW
CPU: Intel i5 2400

Is this whole CPU-package PC6 state supposed to work in xen/dom0?

Should I file a bug report for this problem?

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