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Re: [Xen-devel] xen/stable-2.6.32.x xen-4.1.1 live migration fails with kernels 2.6.39, 3.0.3 and 3.1-rc2

My todo list is not getting any shorter sadly so not sure when I will
get to try this out. But let me do that when I get my 32GB machine
working again.
It would certainly be interesting to know if you experience the same thing on your platforms. This may or may not have sth to do with the hardware in play.

Yeah, that really points to either the tools not liking the
MFN being too high or the hypervisor. Or the save/resume path in the
Linux kernel is failing silently and sticking in invalid MFNs
as it can't deal with higher MFNs.

In other words - need to run this to figure out.

Unless you are up for helping out by debugging the code a bit and
seeing if you can come with a fix?

Allthough i am willing, i probably wont be able to, since i lack the neccessary understanding of the low level workings of Xen and i am not very experienced at debugging C code/programs.

However i did some additional testing, this time with xen4.2 and things have gotten worse:

The two servers involved do BOTH have 96GB ram and are both running the latest xen 4.2 but are of different hardware (R710 and R610):

And this is happens when i throw a 32GB server (PE2950) in the mix:

So with 4.2 there are still migration errors, but whats worse, now i cant migrate anything anywhere anymore when the platform is different.

Within the same platform everything works fine (2x R610):

What is going on here?

Could this be a xl toolstack problem after all? And why does half of it work in 4.1 and not with 4.2??
Stuff like:
xc: error: Failed to pin batch of 493 page tables (22 = Invalid argument): Internal error
xc: error: Couldn't set eXtended States for vcpu0 (22 = Invalid argument): Internal error

look like some simple to debug errors.

There is still one more thing left to test: xen 4.1-testing on a R610.
For that i have to migrate the guests away to the other R610.
I probably will get around to do it this weekend or at least on monday.
Ill just reply my findings to this email once i have them.

It would seem you are overloaded with too many different things, i hope you still find some time to relax and i am sorry for adding more stuff to your list.

I will focus my future testing solely on 4.1-testing, just thought checking out 4.2 may help me understand ... instead i am even more confused.

Have a nice weekend.

With best regards


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