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[Xen-devel] Intel IGP VGA-passthrough to Ubuntu 11.04/openSUSE domU doesn't quite work

when comparing the dmesgs from a Ubuntu 11.04+xorg-edgers-ppa running on real
hardware ver. running in a HVM-domU, I see this change in dmesg:

[    2.306326] [drm:intel_wait_for_vblank], vblank wait timed out
[    2.307140] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI_RX_IIR 0x700
[    2.307143] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI train 1 done.
[    2.307798] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI_RX_IIR 0x600
[    2.307801] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI train 2 done.
[    2.307802] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI train done.

[    3.658150] [drm:intel_wait_for_vblank], vblank wait timed out
[    3.658962] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI_RX_IIR 0x700
[    3.658966] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI train 1 done.
[    3.659625] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI_RX_IIR 0x0
[    3.660129] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI_RX_IIR 0x0
[    3.660633] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI_RX_IIR 0x0
[    3.661137] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI_RX_IIR 0x0
[    3.661140] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train] *ERROR* FDI train 2 fail!
[    3.661142] [drm:gen6_fdi_link_train], FDI train done.

The desktop looks OK on real hardware.
In a domU the display shows 'no signal' and turns it self off during
the boot process.
The domU stays up and does not crash, oops, seg-faults, etc.

I've tried
chvt 1 / 7
xset dpms force off / on
xrandr  --off / --auto
with no visible change.

DQ67SW (vt-d enabled)
i5 2400
Display connected via DVI-D / DVI-I+VGA adapter

domU kernel: 3.1.0-rc3 x86 32 bit
dom0 kernel: 3.0.3
(git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/konrad/xen.git) x86_64
xen 4.2-unstable (xen_changeset          : Thu Aug 25 12:03:14 2011
+0100 23791:227130622561)

A short test with openSUSE-NET-Build0136-x86_64.iso shows the same behaviour.

On the other hand, XP-SP3 with the GFX_XP32_6.14.10.5361_PV.exe works
quite well with the same configuration.


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