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Re: [Xen-devel] Virtio on Xen, prototype

CC'ing xen-devel...

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 5:27 AM, Kaushik Kumar Ram <kaushik@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Wei,
> I am trying to test your virtio port to Xen in the PV configuration. So I 
> have a fully PV guest and I am

Thanks for your interests in this project. :) This is just prototype,
no wonder it is buggy...

> trying to setup qemu only to be used a virtio network backend. I applied all 
> the patches available in the
> link below and started the guest. But the virtio device never comes and in 
> fact qemu is never started in Dom0.

Are those patches applied cleanly? Did you have the required
changesets mentioned in the wiki? Did you boot up your PV domain
successfully? If not, what did the QEMU log and Xen log (xl dmesg)

> First, is this scenario even possible? ÂI looked through the libxl source. 
> But I don't see qemu being started
> for this scenario. Maybe some parts of libxl still needs to be updated?

The patch to start upstream QEMU for PV guest went into the tree six
weeks ago. That is

changeset 23727:2383077a5ae6
libxl: enabling upstream qemu as pure pv backend.

> I am also attaching my guest config file here.

At first glance, your configuration seems all right to me.

Did you compile the virtio_ring and load it manually? Please note that
we can't use original virtio_ring implementation.

If you loaded all the modules successfully, what did `dmesg` say?

I also attach my configuration file, I have more detail setup for
device_model_args_pv. I will update wiki page.

Hope this helps.


> Thanks.
> --Kaushik

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