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[Xen-users] Fwd: Loadable Hypervisor Modules

Loadable Hypervisor Modules-
There was a paper regarding the Loadable Hypervisor Modules presented in the IEEE System Sciences conference in 2010.

The paper discusses the implementation of a new hypervisor mechanism for loading dynamic shared objects (modules) at runtime. These loadable hypervisor modules (LHM) are modeled after the loadable kernel modules used in Linux.The current LHM implementation is based on the Xen hypervisor. Potential use cases for this LHM mechanism include dynamic hypervisor instrumentation for debug tracing or performance analysis.

They have a working prototype which assists in inserting modules at runtime but modifying the hypervisor at runtime is cited as future work.

The question arises is that runtime modification has been done for the Kernel as well as for the Virtual Machines,is there any need to do it for the Hypervisors ?
Plus i think there can be many benefits like we can have customized hypervisors and plus change or modify the hypervisor according to the workload.

I wanted to know if anything has already been done regarding this, or it is yet to be explored.

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