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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: computer stalls instead of reboot

On 09/09/11 00:40, Sven Köhler wrote:
> Am 09.09.2011 01:17, schrieb Andrew Cooper:
>> Does your "remote" method involve actually pushing the reset button, and
>> does this method actually work under normal circumstances?
> I think, there is a device connected to the connector on the
> motherboard, to which the reset button would normally be attached.

Ok, in which case the state your computer is getting into is a very
broken state, if the reset button is not working

>> As for the problem itself, do you have C states enabled in the BIOS? 
>> This sounds similar to several errata published for the i7 series.
> I'm not sure how to tell whether C states are disabled/enabled.
> What would those BIOS options typically be called?

That is too bios dependent to say for sure, but typically "C states" or
"deep sleep", with some intel ones going for "C1e"

> Also, should I enable or disable them, in order to workaround those
> errata that you mention?

They should be disabled.  The errata state that there are several
situations when moving in and our of deep c states which cause
processors to lock up irreparably.

> Should those errors have occurred with xen 3.x as well, if those were a
> result of the errata you mention?

The power management code has changed quite a lot between 3.x and 4.x,
so it is quite possible that xen 3.x just managed to miss these errata.

> Regards,
>   Sven
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