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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] scheduler rate controller

> Thanks Hui, those are good results.  Just one question: What's QoS
> supposed to measure?  Is this a metric that SPECVirt reports?  Is
> higher or lower better?
Yes, it was reported by SPECvirt. The lower, the better.
> The patch looks good, but there's one last nitpick: Several of your
> lines have hard tab characters in them; tabs are officially verboten
> in the Xen code.  Please replace them with spaces.  After that, I
> think we're ready to check it in.
> the command to use is as follows:
> xentrace -D -e 0x21000 -T 30 /path/to/file.trace
> This will take *just* scheduling traces for 30 seconds.  If you could
> run it when the benchmark is going full throttle, that should help me
> get an idea what the scheduling looks like.
Yes, I'd like to do this. 
Hope the data size is not very large. Since, for full throttle condition, Xen 
hypervisor occupied a large CPU time (around 20%). 
Correspondingly, the trace data is very big.
I'll let you know when data is ready.

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