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Re: [Xen-devel] PCI Passthrough of SAS controller not working

In your guest lspci log file, I do see the attached SAS device is owned by mpt2sas driver in your guest log.


We did simple testing with a SAS controller assignment to RHEL6.2 guest on Xen unstable 25164, both passthrough and pci-attach/detach works well.


Sharing the log to you, and can you update your Xen to latest and try?






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I tried to setup PCI Passthrough of a SAS controller into a PVHVM domU. The device was present in the domU but its modules wouldn't load.


The first related thing was the following message in the guest BIOS just before grub starts:

MPT BIOS Fault 09h encountered at adapter PCI(00h,05h,00h).


I'm attaching the xm dmesg and dmesg from both the host and a guest as well as lspci -v.





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