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Re: [Xen-devel] lock in vhpet

At 07:36 +0000 on 23 Apr (1335166577), Zhang, Yang Z wrote:
> The p2m lock in __get_gfn_type_access() is the culprit. Here is the profiling 
> data with 10 seconds:
> (XEN) p2m_lock 1 lock:
> (XEN)   lock:      190733(00000000:14CE5726), block:       
> 67159(00000007:6AAA53F3)
> Those data is collected when win8 guest(16 vcpus) is idle. 16 VCPUs
> blocked 30 seconds with 10 sec's profiling. It means 18% of cpu cycle
> is waiting for the p2m lock. And those data only for idle guest. The
> impaction is more seriously when run some workload inside guest.  I
> noticed that this change was adding by cs 24770. And before it, we
> don't require the p2m lock in _get_gfn_type_access. So is this lock
> really necessary?

Ugh; that certainly is a regression.  We used to be lock-free on p2m
lookups and losing that will be bad for perf in lots of ways.  IIRC the
original aim was to use fine-grained per-page locks for this -- there
should be no need to hold a per-domain lock during a normal read.
Andres, what happened to that code?

Making it an rwlock would be tricky as this interface doesn't
differenctiate readers from writers.  For the common case (no
sharing/paging/mem-access) it ought to be a win since there is hardly
any writing.  But it would be better to make this particular lock/unlock
go away.


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