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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] xl doesn't honour the parameter cpu_weight from my config file while xm does honour it


> Maybe weight is, but still, I think having some mechanism for specifying
> the full set of parameter of a specific scheduler is to be preferred...
> > I wonder if perhaps including each of libxl_sched_*_params in build_info
> > might be a preferable interface? I would probably cleanup the above code
> > in build_pre too since you could just call the appropriate
> > libxl_sched_*_params_set.
> > 
> ... Exactly, that's much better looking to me.

that's a good hint.

> > Ideally libxl_sched_*_params would be in a union in
> > libxl_domain_build_info but that would require that xl could easily
> > determine which scheduler was going to be used for the domain, having a
> > non-union here would keep things somewhat simpler from that PoV.
> > 
> Yes, again, I agree that a union will be even better, but maybe not so
> much a big deal for now (we can turn it into an union later, right? Or
> you think there will be some API implications?)

ok, I see the point and will change it to a union.
I checked out the source with git not hg, may I produce a diff with git
and send it via mail ?

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  Dieter Bloms

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