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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/3] arm_arch_timer: introduce arch_timer_stolen_ticks

Hi Stefano,

On 05/01/2013 03:27 PM, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
> Introduce a function, called arch_timer_stolen_ticks, called from the
> arch_timer interrupt handler to account for stolen ticks.


> diff --git a/arch/arm/include/asm/arch_timer.h 
> b/arch/arm/include/asm/arch_timer.h
> index 7ade91d..30db413 100644
> --- a/arch/arm/include/asm/arch_timer.h
> +++ b/arch/arm/include/asm/arch_timer.h
> @@ -13,6 +13,11 @@
>  int arch_timer_of_register(void);
>  int arch_timer_sched_clock_init(void);
> +/* per-platform function to calculate stolen ticks (clock cycles stolen
> + * to the vcpu by the hypervisor).

Stolen from the vcpu by the hypervisor?

Is the hypervisor adjusting the Virtual Offset Register?



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