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[Xen-devel] Is: radeon 6990 with dom0 is not showing graphics. Was: Re: Some MSI related bugs when trying to use VT-d. Help identify software vs hardware problem?

> When I say that they weren't hidden, while I didn't check with lspci -v,
> running xl pci-assignable-list shows that nothing is available to pass to a
> DomU.  I have to xl pci-assignable-add every device I want to use
> regardless of whether or not it is hidden via my GRUB command line.
>  Additionally, the Radeon driver was bound to the card I hid via grub, and
> its HDMI audio device was also bound to snd-hda-intel (I think) in spite of
> it also being in the grub command line.
> xl itself mentions that it is seizing devices from others drivers in order
> to bind them to pciback.

Ah, OK. that sounds good.
> I ended up on kernel 3.8.11 because various other kernels I tried,
> including 3.4.9 and something from the 3.7.x line both resulted in X
> failing to start, but only when booting Xen.  After playing kernel shuffle
> X failing to start?
> Blinking (or solid, I cant recall precisely) underscore-type cursor in the
> upper left corner of the screen, and it appears to be at a BIOS-like
> text-mode resolution.
> What card at that point are you using? Is the radeon
> or another?  How does it fail?
> I tried with the Radeon 6990, and also with a Radeon 5850.  I tried with
> and without the Radeon driver, too, it didn't seem to make much difference
> :(
> If you boot with 'drm.debug=255 debug loglevel=8' on your
> command line what does dmesg (or /var/log/messages) show? Can you attach
> that
> please.
> I usually rebooted the system so my dmesg was out of date by the time i get
> my hands on it.  I could try to SSH in, which should work as the system
> responds to Ctrl-Alt-Del by rebooting after a few seconds, or grab a
> historical log....  I'll report back next week :)

OK, lets track this as a seperate issue. If you use 'radeon.modset=0' on
the Linux command line do you see anything.

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