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[Xen-devel] Creating a magic page for PV mem_access

Hi Tim,


I am trying to create a magic / special page for the PV mem_access. I am mimicking what is being done for the console page (alloc_magic_pages()) on the tools side. On the hypervisor side, I am planning on stashing the address of this page in the pv_domain structure akin to how the special pages are stored in params[] of the hvm_domain structure. With HVM domains, xc_set_hvm_param() is used by the tools to populate this on the hypervisor side. What is the method I should follow to do this for PV domains? I see how things work for the console, xenconsole pages as they get passed through the start_info structure. Do I need to implement an equivalent xc_set_pv_param() or do I use the start_info page to store the mem_access magic page address?





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