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[Xen-devel] The scenario of hypercall_preempt_check()

Hi all,

I found there is hypercall preemption check in some hypercall handlers:Â

#define hypercall_preempt_check() (unlikely( Â Â\
    softirq_pending(smp_processor_id()) |  \
    local_events_need_delivery()      Â\

Generally speaking, if there is pending softirq or upcall events, the hypercall handler will exit and try to re-execute next time. I have two confusions on hypercall preemption:
(1) Why pending softirq or upcall events can affect hypercall's continuation ?Â
(2) When do we need to do hypercall_preempt_check()? For example, do_mmuext_op() has this check but many other hypercall handles don't do the check. How to judge where to appy preemption check?

A lot of thanks,Â

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