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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] AMD/IO-APIC: Use old IO-APIC ack method if AMD 813{1, 2} PCI-X tunnel is present

>>> On 05.06.13 at 12:39, Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 05/06/13 10:54, Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>>> On 05.06.13 at 11:43, Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On 05/06/13 09:20, Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>> But anyway - I continue to be unconvinced that this case can't be
>>>> easily enough dealt with the admin adding "ioapic_ack=old" to the
>>>> command line.
>>> That describes half the errata workarounds we do.  Why does this deserve
>>> different treatment?.
>> Because (and I don't think you said anything to the contrary so far)
>> other than those other workarounds, this one only addresses a
>> portion of the effects of said erratum.
> I am working on the knowledge from the customer that using
> io_apic_ack=old does fix all their unstable behaviour.  I suppose this
> does not guarantee that the fix is good, but is certainly a good indication.
> From the errata documentation:
> The following interrupt and virtual wire message register settings
> should not be changed in such a manner that
> would cause an active interrupt or virtual wire message source to go
> from unmasked to masked without first
> quiescing the interrupts and/or virtual wire messages they affect in the
> system
> Dev[B,A]:0x48, bit 14 [INTx_PACKET_EN]
> Dev[B,A]:1x04, bit 2 [MASEN]
> Dev[B,A]:1x44, bit 1 [IOAEN]
> Dev[B,A]:1x44, bit 0 [OSVISBAR]
> Any IOAPIC Redirection Register, bit 16, Interrupt Mask [IM]
> Any IOAPIC Redirection Register, bit 15, Trigger Mode [TM]
> Any IOAPIC Redirection Register, bit 13, Polarity [POL]
> Without a hypertransport specification to hand I cant really comment
> about 1,3,4 other than expecting that Xen does not no nor care about
> them.  Xen might possibly play with the busmaster bit, but without an
> IOMMU on the affected system, I cant spot any codepaths which would.  It
> does occur to me however that these devices are more candidates for
> "stuff not even dom0 should be permitted to play with"
> After boot, I am not aware of anything which would play with the
> poliarity bit of an RTE.  The Trigger Mode bit might be played with if a
> line level interrupt gets delivered as an edge interrupt.  As I
> remember, this was a bugfix workaround for ancient IO-APICs anyway and
> would not normally be expected to happen.

None of these are what make me consider the workaround partial.

> The only bit which is regularly played with by xen is the mask bit, but
> only in the default case of io_apic_ack=new.

This is what does - what makes you think the mask bit would be
played with only for level IRQs in new-ack mode?

end_level_ioapic_irq_old() has a call to mask_IO_APIC_irq() as
much as ack_edge_ioapic_irq() has. They're being called only
under certain conditions (just like in end_level_ioapic_irq_new()),
but that doesn't mean they won't be called at all. And both uses
are - afaict - also falling under the same don't-do-this that the
erratum workaround describes.


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