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[Xen-devel] Linux 3.11 and the future...

There are couple of different patches that have not been reworked
or upstream properly for v3.11. The ones that I am aware of are:

 a) PAT. For that to work right now properly one needs to revert
   two git commits: c79c49826270b8b0061b2fca840fc3f013c8a78a
   8eaffa67b43e99ae581622c5133e20b0f48bcef1 and cherrypick
   x86/cpa: Use pte_attrs instead of pte_flags on CPA/set_p.._wb/wc operations.

 b) microcode update. One needs to cherry-pick
    xen: add CPU microcode update driver
    x86/microcode: check proper return code.
    microcode_xen: Add support for AMD family >= 15h

   The one solution is to use the piggyback on early microcode loading
   that the Linux kernel is doing. Needs implementation in the hypervisor.

 c) efi. One needs to use the patches posted by Eric Shelton
   which are back-ports of work done by Tang Liang

   Daniel Kiper is taking a look at in the summer and try
   to do it differently.

 d). multi-MSI. Jan posted a patch but that needs to be reworked
   in pvops kernel.

 e). VCPUOP_register_vcpu_time_memory_area
   There was a post in the eons ago to use this under Xen...

There are also bugs, but lets ignore those in this email.

The ones that are now off the list are:

 - kexec. This can be now done via a new hypercall. Work is in progress
   and should be in Xen 4.4.

 - acpi s3. Patches are in v3.11 (Rafael's linux-next branch).
   Ben Guthro got Ack from hpa for it.

Am I missing any?

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