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Re: [Xen-devel] auto-ballooning crashing Dom0?

(Resurrecting a thread from the past)

--On 2 August 2012 15:45:00 +0100 Ian Jackson <Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Andre Przywara writes ("auto-ballooning crashing Dom0?"):
during some experiments with many guests I get crashing Dom0s because of
too less memory. Actually the OOM killer goes 'round and kills random
things, preferably qemu-dm's ;-)
The box in question has 128GB of memory, I start with dom0_mem=8192M (or
16384M, doesn't matter). I also used "dom0_mem=8192M,min:1536M", but
that didn't make any difference. Xen is c/s 25688.

I have seen similar effects occasionally but have usually been to busy
in the middle of something else to do anything about it.  The
autoballooning arrangements aren't very good TBH and we are intending
to improve things in 4.3.

Either we change this to something higher (768 MB worked for me) or we
make this a config option in xl.conf (like it was in xend-config.sxp)

Certainly it should be a config option.

Another option would be to make it dynamic, by looking at the actual
memory currently used in Dom0 and don't balloon down to 110% or so of it.

That would be a possibility.

In any case we should do something still for Xen 4.2, as I guess people
dislike crashing Dom0, tearing down all the domains with it...


We got hit by this. Our fix is to turn off autoballooning of dom0.

However, for the record, xen4.2.2 seems to perform very strangely here.
Things worked with 2.5GB of RAM, failed with 3GB, but worked again
with 4GB. The symptom was a hang initialising the balloon driver.

Our 'compounding factor' is that we run with a large initrd that stays
alive during normal running as a ramdisk. Those pages are marked as
buffer/page cache (I forget which) but never get flushed. I suspect
this confuses the free memory calculations as xen's balloon driver
thinks there are pages that can be freed that actually can't.

We'll probably turn autoballooning off with xen4.3 (as our dom0
memory usage is pretty static), but it might affect that too.

Alex Bligh

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