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Re: [Xen-devel] (Temporary) Changes to Wiki editing rights

Il 07/06/2013 12:36, Lars Kurth ha scritto:
Hi all,

sorry for the wide coverage. As you may know, the Xen wiki has been subject of a severe wiki spam attack in the last 2 weeks. As a consequence we have had to create an editors group for the wiki. We still want ALL community members to be able to edit the wiki and are looking for a longer term solution (approaches such as a non-standard log-in procedure via single sign on and a few others have been suggested). But this will take a few weeks to implement (in particular with all the other web changes that are still being worked on).

What we had to do temporarily is create an editors group: to be added, please fill out http://xenproject.org/component/content/article/100-misc/145-request-to-be-made-a-wiki-editor and we will add you as quickly as possible. I also updated the following pages, to provide this information
- http://xenproject.org/help/wiki.html
- http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Main_Page
- http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Help:Contents

I am also looking for volunteers who can help make others editors. Please let me know if you want to volunteer. What would be involved is:
a) We would make you a wiki administrator
b) You would get notified when somebody fills out the form
c) You would change user permissions and make people editors (as these are requested - in some cases, we may need to check that somebody is a real person)

I think we are covered in the EU and on the East coast, but if a volunteer in Australia, Asia and the West Coast of the US could step up we could guarantee a quick turn-around. If you are interested drop me a mail.


I think that must be solved also the problem of account creation, hundreds of fake accounts created all the time make difficult to see the updates to wiki pages. Probably a different (more difficult) or double captcha can solve the problem.

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