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[Xen-devel] Xen 4.1 compile from source and install on Fedora 17


I have asked this question in Xen-users mailing list too. But since it involves compiling from source, I realised asking this here makes more sense. Please forgive me for the spam.

I am relatively new to Xen and need help compiling and installing Xen from source. 

Using some tutorials online, I have got Xen working with the 'yum install xen' method. 
I used virt-manager and was able to get 2 domUs working ( CentOS 5, and Fedora 16).
My domUs reside on Logical Volumes in an LVM, on a second hard disk sda2, while my dom0 is installed on sda1. Everything is working fine in this configuration.
I want to use Xen 4.1 since I want to continue using virt-install/virt-manager for domU provisioning.

For my work now, I want to install Xen from source and try to modify some source code files and test things out. 
I have seen some tutorials online, and I am not sure they give the complete picture. 
Fedora 17 uses grub 2. When we do a yum install, the grub entries are taken care of and things just work. 
When I install from source, this is not the case. Are there any tutorials which give a complete picture?
Or if someone has got Xen working from source on Fedora 16, 17 or 18, can you give me tips on how to edit grub configuration so that xen boots ok.
I have tried and failed once compiling and installing Xen on Fedora 16, which is when I used yum.

Ranjith krishnan

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