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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xl: free default_{vifscript, bridge, gatewaydev} on exit

Ian Campbell writes ("[PATCH] xl: free default_{vifscript,bridge,gatewaydev} on 
> These leaks aren't serious, since they are only in xl but this makes "xl list"
> clean according to valgrind, which is useful from the point of view of
> eliminating false positives when looking at the state of libxl (where leaks
> matter).
> +    if (default_vifscript) {
> +        free(default_vifscript);
> +        default_vifscript = NULL;

These ifs are unnecessary.  free(NULL) is a no-op.

I would write:

+        free(default_vifscript);   default_vifscript = NULL;
+        free(default_bridge);      default_bridge = NULL;
+        free(default_gatewaydev);  default_gatewaydev = NULL;

which is nice and regular.


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