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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v8 00/23] XSA55 libelf fixes for unstable

Ian Jackson writes ("[PATCH v8 00/23] XSA55 libelf fixes for unstable"):
> This is version 8 of my series to try to fix libelf and the domain
> loader.  I hope this will be the final version.
> Barring further showstoppers, and in the absence of objections, I
> intend to push this to xen.git#staging tomorrow, and include it in a
> revised version of the XSA-55 advisory.

I should mention that I have rerun the automatic assembler diff
verifications for all three versions of v8 of this series (strictly,
for a slightly-prerelease version of v8).  I have done this
verification for both patches 08/23 ("introduce macros") and
17/23 ("abolish obsolete macros") and where applicable for both amd64
and i386 (but not ARM).


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