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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/7] CPU hotplug for qemu-xen for 4.3.

Hi all,

This series back-port recently added QEMU patches to our qemu-xen. The
interface between the guest and QEMU is the same as with qemu-traditional. Only
the interface between libxl and qemu change, instead of xenstore we are using
QMP to hotplug vcpus.

Three more patches will follow this series.
  - two for libxl which implement the QMP command cpu-add.
  - one for SeaBIOS which workaround a bug.

When using adding vcpus with this series, libxl will report many "error". This
is because libxl call the QMP command 'cpu-add' for every plugged vcpus, even
those that have been plugged before. There is currently no way to list cpus
that are plugged by QEMU. Also, the ways errors are handle by libxl_qmp those
not help yet to suppress this error printing.

Unplug of vcpu is not supported by the series.

Change since the first set:
  - back-port of QEMU patches instead of forth-port from qemu-traditional
  - added a SeaBIOS patch


Anthony PERARD (2):
  xen: Fix vcpus initialisation.
  xen: Implement hot_add_cpu hook.

Igor Mammedov (4):
  cpu: Introduce get_arch_id() method and override it for X86CPU
  acpi_piix4: Add infrastructure to send CPU hot-plug GPE to guest
  Add hot_add_cpu hook to QEMUMachine
  QMP: Add cpu-add command

Michael S. Tsirkin (1):
  cpu: Add qemu_for_each_cpu()

 docs/specs/acpi_cpu_hotplug.txt |  22 +++++++++
 exec.c                          |  10 ++++
 hw/acpi_piix4.c                 | 101 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 hw/boards.h                     |   3 ++
 hw/pc_piix.c                    |   1 +
 include/qemu/cpu.h              |  11 +++++
 qapi-schema.json                |  13 ++++++
 qmp-commands.hx                 |  23 +++++++++
 qmp.c                           |  10 ++++
 qom/cpu.c                       |   8 ++++
 sysemu.h                        |   2 +
 target-i386/cpu.c               |  10 ++++
 xen-all.c                       |   8 ++--
 13 files changed, 216 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 docs/specs/acpi_cpu_hotplug.txt

Anthony PERARD

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