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Re: [Xen-devel] evtchn_bind_interdomain() { struct domain *ld= current->domain } but why it is always current->domain ?

On Wed, 2013-06-19 at 11:17 +0800, yandong han wrote:
> hi all, I have a doubt. about event channel of xen, 
> a piece of code  here " evtchn_bind_interdomain() {  struct domain
> *ld= current->domain    }",   it is used to bind  domain A and domain
> B
> but why it is always  current->domain ?

Which other domain would you expect it to be?

xen/incude/public/event_channel.h says:
 * EVTCHNOP_bind_interdomain: Construct an interdomain event channel between
 * the calling domain and <remote_dom>. <remote_dom,remote_port> must identify
 * a port that is unbound and marked as accepting bindings from the calling
 * domain. A fresh port is allocated in the calling domain and returned as
 * <local_port>.

The important part being "between the calling domain".


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